Hospital Management

They want to see a universal concept in accounting and controlling, that gives you security in light of increasing demands. It's important to you that you will find data from the medical and nursing care in the cost and performance accounting again. , the hospital management was completely focused on the needs of the healthcare industry. The financial management supports the clinical and actual costing, MIS shows you the relevant management performance indicators on. The integrated materials management, clinical logistics processes with the accounting.

Hospital Management

Paitent Management

Ensure that services are fully settled / create the conditions for a decentralized controlling / AVE Automated processes / integration of financial accounting has aligned the process of patient management as well as the encoding and detection performance to the requirements of the clinical staff. Our focus lie on the complete coverage of services and ensure complete patient billing.

Patient Management

PRISMA: MIS solutions for intelligent medical centers in Germany

This product is the first business intelligence (BI) application on a pure Microsoft platform in healthcare. All other BI platforms use mostly proprietary OLAP structures or supplementary tools.

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Our Partners

Following are the few esteem partners of Us..

Nexus AG


With this strategy, NEXUS puts the medical and administrative processes in the healthcare system in the center of the software applications. Medicine is our core competence. IT solutions are our know-how. We serve hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and social institutions with our innovative and modern product for the healthcare system. Nexus solutions support doctors and nurses in their work in close relation with treatment processes. Treatment processes are documented, treatment and care are organized, and clinical processes are steered.

Flexreport AG


The Flexreport AG is a young company in the Swiss health care and municipal applications. We develop and distribute business intelligence Applications as MIS solutions specifically for this market segment. Of course, complemented by a classic reporting. We have the right composition of our teams expertise potential that is based partly on employees who already bring 20 years hospital experience and / or have been working for many years in the BI environment. This potential has enabled us to develop products in a short time, the search in this segment of their peers. About 50 installations in the Swiss market speak for themselves. Focusing on a namely healthcare and public sector industry, and the experience of our employees and the use of proper tools are our guarantee of success.

Our Services

  • Flexinformatics offer a broad range of complete, consolidated products services creating powerful business solutions for our clients around the world.
  • We also help to integrate a new software application into the business model.
  • Our primary aim is to employ the effectiveness of the project at minimal cost and efforts.
  • We undertake short term and long term assignments which are in conformity with the quality standards of our esteemed clients and work with them on Project scoping, Planning, Controlling and Monitoring, Project management, Risk management.


Your service from start to till date has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

Marc - Senior Devloper | Nexus Ag